WordPress getting Popularity


WordPress is the biggest and most popular content management system (CMS) available.

It owns 50-60% of the global CMS market share, and powers 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world.

The biggest reason for its popularity is its price tag, which is non-existent. There are limitless applications of this platform with no-fee that only magnifies its potential. The availability of this resource for anyone and everyone makes it a sure choice for any kind of consumer, be it someone who just wants to start their own personal blog or a company looking to launch an e-commerce website.
WordPress completely open source. That means the source code is easily edited and manipulated according to the needs of the user, allowing for even greater levels of customization and personalization. Users can make whatever kind of website they want as well as redistribute it however they want.

The incredibly supportive WordPress community allows for even more improvements between users and accommodates easy integration.

A advantage of WordPress express is the it’s user-friendly interface. Making a new website is just a task of a few minutes. The entire website design is now completely accessible with just your mouse and a completely organized UI that doesn’t even require a high level of coding or HTML/CSS.

People can now create and manage their websites on their own, with minimal web developing knowledge and the convenience of not getting their hands dirty in hours of deep coding, and it’s all still free.

There are numbers of themes and thousands of plugin available in WordPress which makes it even more user-friendly and high speed development platform compared to any other CMS.

WordPress is easily the best option for a content management system among many others. The fact that it lets even amateurs design brilliantly beautiful websites is enough to attract people to this user-friendly and versatile platform.

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